Palmer Physical Therapy in Wichita KS

Welcome to Palmer Physical Therapy for Women, a physical therapy clinic “For Women, By Women”. We offer many services ranging from rehabilitation of sprained ankles, knees and total joint replacements, to urinary incontinence and overactive bladder, to chronic pelvic pain. We also specialize in the treatment of neck and lower back pain, especially chronic back pain. Indeed, we are a full-service clinic, but dedicated solely to the health and wellness of women. The clinic was established in 2003 to more readily meet the needs of women, and has steadily grown since that time.

Our clinic added a very important treatment program in 2016.  It’s called
Survive & Thrive: Combating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment.  We believe it is not enough just to survive a cancer diagnosis, women must THRIVE after treatment.  The program is designed to prevent fatigue, pain and loss of muscle strength during and after cancer treatment.

Palmer Physical Therapy consists of a staff of seven physical therapists who have had specialized education in women’s health as it relates to physical therapy. Patients receive care provided only by the physical therapist without utilization of aides or assistants. You work with your physical therapist 100% of the time. We also offer private treatment rooms for our patients, adding privacy and comfort to your visit.

Please take some time to learn about the many specialized services we provide. You might be surprised to learn we have effective treatments for conditions such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladders, pelvic pain, constipation/diarrhea and interstitial cystitis, including wellness services.

At Palmer Physical Therapy for Women, we understand that medical care is expensive.  We can offer better outcomes for your money.  Palmer Physical Therapy has measured treatment outcomes for many years now, and those show consistently superior results.  Proven results, best outcomes for your money. 

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Proven results,
     best outcomes for your money